Recommendation 1:

Wandoo management should implement measures to further engage and attract Aboriginal young men.

Recommendation 2:

Wandoo should continue to develop its Pathways approach to education, training and work with attention to those needing more basic literacy and numeracy, better continuity along Pathways, higher completion levels, increased information and communications technology content, improved access to external course resources and better use of the Prisoner Employment Program.

Recommendation 3:

DCS should further amend the Prisoner Employment Program to accelerate approval processes to facilitate timely participation in longer term education and training programs by prisoners approved for unsupervised section 95.

Recommendation 4:

DCS and Serco should develop an additional education, training and work facility within Wandoo.

Recommendation 5:

The Benefits Register and Realisation Plan for the Wandoo Reintegration Facility should be revised to include:

  1. Valid recidivism measures that compare Wandoo results with results from comparable prisoner cohorts.
  2. Both the benefit and costs of the facility. Financial and non-financial costs should be explicitly considered. Factors could include the impact of the facility on the rest of the people in the Department’s custody, including women and juveniles, and projected savings from any reduced recidivism.

Recommendation 6:

Wandoo management review its staffing, scheduling and vehicle resources to ensure that external activities and other section 95 placements are maximised.

Recommendation 7:

Any extension of the upper age limit for Wandoo should be administered gradually and only as far as needed to utilise capacity at Wandoo, selecting only those motivated to make positive life-changes.

Agency responses to recommendations

Page last updated: December 17, 2014
94: Report of an Announced Inspection of Wandoo Reintegration Facility