• The treatment of detainees after the riot made no clear distinction between those involved in the riot and those not involved.
  • Unreasonable, highly restrictive regimes, including the use of routine mechanical restraint and confining detainees to their cell for 23-24 hours a day, were applied at both Hakea Juvenile Facility and Banksia Hill Detention Centre in the first three weeks following the riot.
  • The location of Units 11 and 12 at Hakea combined with measures taken by the Department ensured that potential contact with adult prisoners was minimised.
  • Ongoing staffing shortages and the limitations of the infrastructure available for services, affected the Department’s ability to establish a normal regime or structured day at Hakea Juvenile Facility.
  • The oval adjacent to Units 11 and 12, which was seen as a significant asset in the decision to house detainees at Hakea, was not fit for use until April 2013.
  • The structured day provided a maximum of nine hours per week of education, less than half of the education received at Banksia Hill prior to the riot.
  • It took over 10 weeks before visit services for detainees held at Hakea were restored to a normal level.
  • Arrangements for official visits from legal practitioners, psychologists and medical practitioners, was not acceptable until late March.
  • The frequency of strip searches of detainees was unreasonable and was not linked to an appropriate risk assessment of the situation.
Page last updated: April 4, 2014