There were no recommendations in the review paper as all recommendations were contained in the Inspector’s Directed Review. Recommendations relating to the contents of this review paper in the Inspector’s Directed Review are as follows:

Recommendation 24

The Department should ensure that:

(a) The number of scheduled and unscheduled lockdowns of detainees is substantially reduced and that accurate records are kept of the reasons for any lockdowns and their duration;

(b) Detainee participation in education, rehabilitative and recreational programs is substantially increased in keeping with the Department’s standards for the management of youth custodial facilities; and

(c) Accurate records are kept with respect to each and every detainee of all of these matters.


Recommendation 25

Mechanical restraints must not be used as a routine measure to control the movement of detainees within detention centres. They should only be used following a proper assessment of the risk posed for and by the particular individual to be restrained in accordance with section 11D of the Young Offenders Act 1994.


Recommendation 26

The Department should review and alter its practices relating to the strip searching of detainees:

(a) To cease the practice of routinely strip searching detainees on every entry and exit to detention centres, particularly when they have been transported in a secure vehicle; and (b) To ensure that strip searches in relation to social visits are not routine but are undertaken only on reasonable suspicion of contraband, assessed on a case by case basis.

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