The majority of people escaped or attempted to escape from work camps (19), court (19) and during other escorts such as hospital appointments and routine transfers (18). There were very few escapes or attempted escapes from the confines of, maximum, medium, or even minimum security facilities.

The number of escapes and attempted escapes January 2008-August 2014, by facility type

Facility Escapes Attempted escapes
Albany Regional Prison
Bandyup Women’s Prison
Casuarina Prison
Hakea Prison 1
Banksia Hill Detention Centre (juvenile) 3 4
Rangeview Remand Centre (juvenile)           decommissioned 2
Acacia Prison 1
Boronia Pre-release Centre 2
Karnet Prison Farm 6
Pardelup Prison Farm
Wandoo Reintegration Facility
Wooroloo Prison Farm 6
Broome Regional Prison 4
Bunbury Regional Prison 4 1
Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison 3 1
Greenough Regional Prison 2 1
Roebourne Regional Prison 2
Outside secure custodial facility    
Court or police 19
Medical escort and inter-prison transfers 9 9
External activities, section 95 or day release 9
Work camp 19
Total 70 38


The one attempted escape from an adult maximum security facility was picked up at the planning stage and did not progress to action from the prisoner.

There has been one escape from a medium security prison and, with the exception of a bold and opportunistic two-man escape from the medium security section of Roebourne Prison during a cyclone, there have been very few escapes from the maximum or medium security zones of multi-purpose prisons. Ultimately almost all escapes of adults from within a prison were from minimum security facilities or minimum security precincts in multipurpose facilities.

Page last updated: April 2, 2015