Recommendation 1

Prepare Transfer Plans that outline potential responses for expressed self-harm intent or actual self-harm incidents, in accordance with COPP 12.4 – Prisoner Transfers

Recommendation 2

Amend COPP 12.4 – Prisoner Transfers to include consideration of deactivated ARMS alerts in the assessment of prisoners ‘Of Self-harm Concern’

Recommendation 3

Develop policy that outlines procedures for informing prisoners of upcoming movements

Recommendation 4

Develop processes for providing comfort breaks during long road journeys, which are equally applicable to both the Department and the CSCS contractor

Recommendation 5

Develop processes for conducting welfare checks throughout Department-led movements

Recommendation 6

Extend Ventia’s inter-prison transfer flight to West Kimberley Regional Prison

Recommendation 7

Establish fatigue management policies for custodial officers undertaking long-distance escorts

Recommendation 8

Revise medical escort security procedures to reduce the use of restraints to reflect the system of security classifications and approvals for external activities

Recommendation 9

Ensure prisons apply restraints in accordance with COPP 12.3 – Conducting Escorts or justifies the use of additional restraints with an External Movement Risk Assessment

Recommendation 10

Review the use of leg restraints on flights for compliance against aviation regulations and departmental policy

Recommendation 11

Conduct regular monitoring and compliance reviews of Ventia’s movement services from regional locations

Recommendation 12

Investigate opportunities for implementing electronic occurrence books for Department-led transports

Recommendation 13

Conduct regular internal reviews for compliance against the Department’s COPPs 12.1 – 12.5 on the coordination and delivery or prisoner transports

Recommendation 14

Review the circumstances of Anna’s experience, and the findings we have identified, and take actions to ensure the dignity and welfare or prisoners are protected in Department-led transports


DOJ Response – The transport of regional and remote prisoners

Ventia Response – The transport of regional and remote prisoners

Serco Response – The transport of regional and remote prisoners


Page last updated: March 27, 2023
The transport of regional and remote prisoners