Image of Unit 3 self-care cottages at Bunbury Regional Prison


Bunbury Regional Prison (Bunbury) is a mixed classification facility, receiving maximum, medium and minimum-security prisoners, including both remand and sentenced prisoners. It has a significant responsibility in preparing prisoners for release, and is a major producer of vegetables for the prison estate. Its industries workshops are very productive, and it is also one of the …

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Image of Unit 5, which will re-open in mid 2018


We found Bunbury to be a good performer with opportunities for improvement and the prospect of facing some real challenges in the near future. The management team were up for this task, although the Inspector cautioned them to remain vigilant. We were pleased with the levels of prisoner employment at the prison, and education services …

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Image of 6 chairs around a table for 12 people in the PRU

Key Findings

Bunbury in 2017 was a good performer, but with opportunities for improvement and challenges ahead, including the re-opening of the mothballed minimum-security unit out the front of the prison, Unit 5. The management team was stable and strong enough to lead the prison through the changes, so long as these are properly resourced. Bunbury was a …

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Image of Unit 5 grounds


Ensure the additional necessary staff and services are funded and in place before re-opening Unit 5. Review the management structure and responsibilities at Bunbury. Improve engagement between security and staff. Increase resourcing for support services for the drug reduction strategy. Ensure staff and prisoners are fully informed about all aspects of the drug reduction strategy. …

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