• Bunbury in 2017 was a good performer, but with opportunities for improvement and challenges ahead, including the re-opening of the mothballed minimum-security unit out the front of the prison, Unit 5.
  • The management team was stable and strong enough to lead the prison through the changes, so long as these are properly resourced.
  • Bunbury was a good prison and a good place to work; morale had improved as had staff training which was proactively managed.
  • The prison environment was calm and settled and prisoners felt safe.
  • The security team on site was capable, although we thought there could be better engagement between the security team and officers in the units.
  • The drug management strategy was a good initiative, and appeared to be effectively reducing drug usage amongst prisoners.
  • We found some inconsistencies amongst staff and prisoners in their understanding of the drug management strategy and its sanctions. We recommended that staff and prisoners be fully informed of all aspects of the drug management strategy.
  • Satisfaction with health services had declined, as had GP services.
  • Prisoners were missing out on programs because their treatment assessments had not been done.
  • Reintegration services were not meeting demand, due to the increased numbers in the PRU and an unsustainable staffing and leadership model for the Pre-release Unit.
Page last updated: April 10, 2018
115: Inspection of Bunbury Regional Prison