Wire fence at Banksia Hill Dentention centre


The fourth inspection of Banksia Hill was originally scheduled for March 2013 but was cancelled following the riot in January 2013 and the subsequent Directed Review into the incident conducted by this Office. Just over three months before the riot Banksia Hill had become the state’s only juvenile detention centre following the decision to turn …

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Double story building, Urguhart Unit


The 2014 inspection found that progress at Banksia Hill since the riot had been slower than hoped. While improvements were noted in a number of areas, the centre remained fragile. The youth custodial system had benefited from relatively low detainee numbers since mid-2013 but much of the progress made would be at risk if the …

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Cultural meeting place behind locked metal gate

Key Findings

Organisational restructuring and key personnel changes at executive level within the Department and in the senior management team at Banksia Hill had been disruptive and contributed to the lack of action in many areas. The most fundamental shortfall was the ongoing absence of a clear and consistent operational philosophy for the centre. Given the high …

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Picture of trees at the top of the hill


The inspection report made 25 recommendations relating to Banksia Hill as follows: Implement a philosophy for youth justice as a whole, including an operational philosophy for Banksia Hill, and ensure that all policies, procedures and practices are consistent with that philosophy. Undertake an independent review of the staffing model at Banksia Hill, including the staff-detainee …

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