The inspection report made 25 recommendations relating to Banksia Hill as follows:

  1. Implement a philosophy for youth justice as a whole, including an operational philosophy for Banksia Hill, and ensure that all policies, procedures and practices are consistent with that philosophy.
  2. Undertake an independent review of the staffing model at Banksia Hill, including the staff-detainee ratio and the 12-hour shift system.
  3. Implement an objective assessment and classification system that includes a focus on providing improved opportunities for detainees rated minimum security.
  4. Convene the Detainee Management Review Committee on a unit by unit basis to restore the balance in its composition and to ensure that appropriate focus is given to the needs of individual detainees.
  5. Reduce the frequency of strip-searching young people in detention by using other contraband detection measures.
  6. Increase out of cell hours for young people on a consistent basis and monitor this using more accurate recording methods.
  7. Ensure that all detainees are provided with new underwear on arrival at the centre and that they are not required to share underwear.
  8. Provide a facility and support services for visitors at Banksia Hill.
  9. Increase the capacity of visits facilities at Banksia Hill.
  10. Implement an integrated system of case management with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for custodial staff and case planning staff.
  11. Ensure that a consultative meeting involving the young person and their responsible parent or caregiver is convened by the case planning unit within a month of every detainee’s admission and regularly throughout their stay.
  12. Implement a strategic plan for education at Banksia Hill that includes outcome measures.
  13. Upgrade teaching and learning resources with a special emphasis on culturally and developmentally appropriate materials.
  14. Implement comprehensive re-entry support services for young people leaving Banksia Hill.
  15. Provide evidence-based treatment programs, targeted at higher levels of risk and need, and reflective of gender and cultural diversity.
  16. Introduce multidisciplinary case conferences to manage the health needs of complex and challenging young people.
  17. Develop and introduce a process for booking medical appointments that preserves the privacy of detainees.
  18. Provide additional resources for mental health services at Banksia Hill.
  19. Implement an at-risk management system that is youth-focused and promotes protective factors.
  20. Prioritise the development of a purpose-built crisis care unit at Banksia Hill.
  21. Ensure that Yeeda Unit is staffed by officers who have been chosen to work there based on sound criteria and processes.
  22. Provide a female-centred regime of activities and services for young women and girls at Banksia Hill.
  23. Ensure that legal practitioners are able to interview their clients in relation to court proceedings at any reasonable hour, either at Banksia Hill or by use of technologies such as Skype.
  24. Make an officer available in each unit for a specified period each morning to accept requests from detainees and to assist any detainees who wish to make a complaint.
  25. Ensure that information about the complaints process is advertised on posters and brochures throughout the centre, and included in the orientation process and orientation booklets.
Page last updated: October 18, 2017
97: Report of an Announced Inspection of Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre