The 2014 inspection found that progress at Banksia Hill since the riot had been slower than hoped. While improvements were noted in a number of areas, the centre remained fragile. The youth custodial system had benefited from relatively low detainee numbers since mid-2013 but much of the progress made would be at risk if the population increased.

Most of the recommendations from the Directed Review relating to emergency management have been addressed, as have most aspects of security. However, it remains very much a ‘work in progress’.

At the time of the inspection most people (head office managers, on-site managers and staff in most areas) assessed the centre to be at 4 on a scale of 1–10 where 1 was the situation in 2012–2013. We agreed with this overall assessment for three reasons. First, it reflected the fact that there had been progress but also that progress had been slower than it should have been. Secondly, the centre was still fragile and ‘on the cusp’. It will be at significant risk if detainee numbers escalate. Thirdly, while it was only at 4 out of 10, there was reason to be optimistic for the future as there were positive signs of greater stability and improving morale.

Page last updated: June 15, 2015

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