Image of open low fence at Pardelup Prison Farm


Factors such as how close a facility is for family and friends to visit, health needs and program availability will have some impact on where prisoners serve their sentences. However, the primary factor and essential starting point is the person’s security rating. This will be one of the following: Maximum security: prisoners for whom high …

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Image of a prisoner using a wheelbarrow at Dowerin Work Camp


This review raises many questions regarding the extent to which the profile of prisoner accommodation in Western Australia matches the profile of prisoners created by the new offender classification system. The model has met its projected outcomes in terms of the flow through of non-Aboriginal prisoners to minimum security. However, Aboriginal prisoners, and especially Aboriginal …

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Image of a picnic table inside the perimetre fence at Wooroloo Prison Farm

Key Findings

A new system to assess and classify prisoners into minimum, medium and maximum security, introduced in 2009, met expectations in increasing the proportion of minimum and medium security prisoners while reducing the proportion of maximum security prisoners. Non-Aboriginal people were the overwhelming beneficiaries of the new system accounting for 96 per cent of the increase …

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Image of security monitors at Wooroloo Prison Farm


There were no specific recommendations for this review, however the report concludes that goals of ongoing review by this Office and the Department should be improved outcomes in five core areas: Enhancing public safety by improving all prisoners’ prospects of successful reintegration; Maximising returns on the substantial public investment in work camps; Promoting greater equity …

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