image of Yeeda fence abutting mangement fence


On the evening of Sunday 20 January 2013, an extremely serious incident of mass disorder occurred at Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre (‘Banksia Hill’), a facility managed by the Department of Corrective Services (‘the Department’). On 24 January the Minister for Corrective Services directed the Inspector of Custodial Services to carry out a full investigation. …

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Image of external cell windows reinforced with security grilles


Stability in a custodial facility requires the right balance between physical, procedural and dynamic security. Banksia Hill had not achieved that balance. It was an unstable facility exhibiting high and obvious risks. In the aftermath of the riot, the Department devoted a good deal of money and time to physical target hardening but this is …

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Image of unit office reinforced with security grills

Key Findings

Security in a custodial facility comprises three related elements: Physical Security – integrated physical structures and mechanical and electronic systems. Procedural (or Process) Security – effective systems and processes to ensure the coherent, consistent and coordinated application of measures such as controlling movements around the site, searching of people in custody and screening of visitors. …

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Image of a smashed window out of Yeeda unit during the Banksia Hill Riot in January 2013


There were no recommendations in the review paper as all recommendations were contained in the Inspector’s Directed Review. Recommendations relating to the contents of this review paper in the Inspector’s Directed Review are as follows: Recommendation 1 The regime at Banksia Hill should be re-engineered so as to reflect a clear and consistent philosophy that …

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