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On the evening of Sunday 20 January 2013, an extremely serious incident of mass disorder occurred at Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre (‘Banksia Hill’), a facility managed by the Department of Corrective Services (‘the Department’). This was by far the most serious incident of this type in Western Australia since what is generally known as …

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The Young Offenders Act 1994 (YOA) was drafted against the background provided by a number of international standards which have particular relevance to the interpretation of the provisions of the YOA. In addition, there is a national set of model service standards for juvenile custodial facilities which embodies many of the international standards.  The Department …

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Image of the outdoor undercover area at Hakea Juvenile Facility

Key Findings

The Young Offenders Act 1994 is the primary legislation applying to young people who commit offences and is binding on the Department of Corrective Services. It governs the treatment of young persons who come into contact with the criminal justice system in WA. The Department has developed a complicated array of rules and administrative procedures …

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Image of detainees exercising at Hakea Juvenile Facility (March 2013)


There were no recommendations in the review paper as all recommendations were contained in the Inspector’s Directed Review. Refer to the full Directed Review into an Incident at Banksia Hill Detention Centre on 20 January 2013

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