Banksia Hill opened in October 1997 replacing the Longmore and Nyandi Detention Centres. It is considered a maximum security facility and was originally designed to accommodate all young offenders, male and female, serving a sentence of detention. Such young offenders may at law be as young as 10 years of age (although rarely under 12 …

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A key factor precipitating the riot on the 20 January 2013 was the excessive detainee lockdowns. Staff shortages primarily contributed to these lockdowns occurring.   Staff shortages were the result of excessive unplanned leave, namely worker’s compensation leave and personal leave. In the month prior to the riot, on average, 22 out of 80 uniformed …

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Key Findings

Youth Custodial had the second highest worker’s compensation leave per FTE in 2012 out of all custodial facilities in Western Australia. (Read more) Personal leave in Youth Custodial was lower on average compared to other custodial facilities. However, a minority of staff accounted for the majority of leave taken, and much of this leave was …

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There were no recommendations in the review paper as all recommendations were contained in the Inspector’s Directed Review. Recommendations relating to the contents of this review paper in the Inspector’s Directed Review are as follows: Recommendation 17 The senior management structure of the Department should be reviewed with a focus on improving correctional outcomes, efficiencies …

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