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Prisons are challenging environments where the risks include violence. The vast majority of such violence occurs between prisoners, with more than 350 prisoner-on-prisoner assaults being formally recorded every year in Western Australian prisons. Occasionally, violence spills over towards staff. In 2013 prisoner-on-staff assaults accounted for almost one in every four recorded assaults. Assaults on staff …

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The most important finding from this review is that staff assaults, particularly serious staff assaults are rare. This is both commendable and expected. Keeping staff safe is a primary concern for any workplace and prisons are no exception. The surprisingly small percentage of assaults triggered when the prisoner was agitated or stressed, or during high …

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Key Findings

Staff assaults, particularly serious staff assaults, in Western Australian prisons are rare. Only 22 Serious staff assaults have occurred in the five years from 2008 – 2012. Certain prisoner cohorts are overrepresented in staff assaults namely: Prisoners with mental health concerns and intellectual disability (Read more) Female prisoners (Read more) Prisoners who are the least …

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Reduce the number of prisoners subjected to levels of security which are unnecessary given their assessed security rating. Increase access to meaningful employment, education and skill development programs across all correctional facilities. Develop a broad corrections mental health management strategy, which includes staff training; day care and wing-based treatment services; and prison diversion options for …

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